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What is Solar Cell?

Solar Cell technology become a sinificant choice of the reserve energy sources at this moment. The Electric Cells are produced by Silicon substance and doped with other two substances, There are Boron and Phosphorus, in which enable electric potential in the Silicon substant and called P-Type and N-Type. in deep here...

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Why Solar Cell?

Solar Cell System has compatitive advantages beyond the competitors such as Wind-Energy, Biomass Energy and Nuclear Energy. Because of these:

1. Its production law matterial is huge

2. Its energy source is radiation of the sun, so it will never run out.

3. Installation is easy and less of affect to environment and less potential of acident.

4. It is easy to maintain because their is no moveable parts entire the system and all equipments are produce by dulable matterials. they are certifyed by many standards.

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Feature Three

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